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Do You Want Your Landscape Architect to Help You Maximise Your Return on Investment?

Crown Landscape Architects Ltd provides Commercial Landscape Architectural Services to Intelligent Business Leaders from Blue Chip Companies, Commercial Developers, Top 50 Construction Companies and the Public Sector.

Our Clients are in the Business of Delivering High Profile Construction Projects.  The Quality of the Finished Project provides the Maximum Visual Impact (the WoW factor), creating an environment for the Ultimate End User to have the Desire to Keep Returning and Spend more Money.  Thus, Maximising the Return On Investment.                                                                      

As Our Client, here are the 7 things you may need from a Landscape Architect to Help You Maximise the Return on Your Investement:

  1. A Project which is going to deliver Improved Economic Impact, through Job Creation, Footfall, Occupancy, Rental Values and Saleability.
  2. Cost reduction, through the use of existing resources and the value engineering of the landscape design.
  3. An Environment which meets the Emotional, Physical and Green needs of the Users of Your New Development.
  4. The scalability of the project to encompass future development and change.
  5. A Landscape which is Sustainable, Maintainable and Practical longterm.
  6. The Development of a Valuable Resource which is going to be Valued by Your Clients, Community, The Public and Wildlife.
  7. The Regeneration of old Brown Belt Sites, taking into account past uses and contamination as well as the evolved wildlife habitat due to dereliction.

To find out How Crown Landscapes Ltd Can Help You Maximise Your Return On Investment Telephone: 01743 818325


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Recently awarded projects

Crown Landscape Architects Ltd. support Kingshurst Academy in achieving learning excellence

Crown Landscape Architects Ltd. have recently secured the opportunity at Kingshurst Academy, in Solihull, to design an exciting, interactive learning environment from a temporary car park.   Learning will take on a new dimension as this car park is transformed to create an environment which will provide social interaction, physical activity, intellectual stimulation, creative achievement and evaluation of risk.  With the Landscape design there are features which will include:

  • A pond and water feature 
  • A rope course 
  • A cave system
  • A First World War Trench system
  • Allotments and Garden areas
  • Outdoor teaching areas
  • An art and sculpture area

This innovative and exciting plan is designed to stimulate and reward students and allow them to take ownership of their achievements – all the while making learning more hands on and relevant.   

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